The global cloud computing market reached US $445.3 billion in 2021 and is projected to reach US $480 thousand in 2022, according to firms such as Yahoo Finance and Fortune Business Insight, and of this colossal market Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the undisputed leaders and developers of world-class solutions.

According to the same mentioned sources, cloud computing deployments are projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate between 16.3% to 19.9% sustained for the period 2022- 2030.

And no wonder, cloud computing solutions can deploy the potential of any company regardless of its line of business or activity, sector and size.

In Mexico and Chile, AWS cloud solutions and services are available to any company thanks to the management and support of enabling partners and service integrators such as NU Tech.

Learn in this installment what Amazon Web Services offers for the digital transformation of your business.

Microservices architecture is also synonymous with improvements for your company. Learn the basics about microservices architecture.

Is AWS available for small and medium-sized businesses?

The scalability, efficiency, security, investment and cost savings advantages of cloud infrastructure are available to businesses of all sizes, as AWS‘ tagline on its official website confirms.

In fact, according to Shari Lava, Research Director at IDC Corp.

‘The cloud has replaced traditional hardware and software (relied upon/inherited in closed environments) as the main category of IT spending for small and medium-sized businesses’.

According to AWS migrating the stock of applications and data to the cloud provides competitive advantages.

It enables access to a diverse range of deployments that open up a range of possibilities for any type of enterprise or business model.

  • Improvements in service level via availability and reliability.
  • Security of sensitive data
  • Global or cross-border deployment
  • Engaging digital applications
  • Extended professional support
  • Agility and flexibility.

And Amazon Web Services is the portfolio of technology solutions to support this suite of benefits via value aggregators, integrators and local business partners.

“The cloud is an invaluable tool for small businesses looking to drive all kinds of goals.”

Some AWS cloud solutions for your business

cloud computing
cloud computing

Here are some tools and services in the AWS cloud for startups and SMBs, which allow you to deploy your potential and gain competitive advantages in a constantly evolving market and increasingly demanding digital customers:

Productivity and modern work environments.

It is well known that the 2020 health crisis erupted bringing with it new ways of working and consuming.

Many businesses were able to continue operating during the worst of the confinements thanks to cloud deployments such as remote desktop, collaboration and communication tools.

And the AWS offering allows businesses to adapt to new flexible work arrangements such as telecommuting or hybrid work without compromising efficiency and security.

Here are just a few AWS enterprise services applications:

  • Amazon Chime: Collaborative communication tools such as online messaging and video calling.
  • WorkSpaces: Managed virtual desktop infrastructure that enables work teams to access shared resources from any supported location and connected device. It can include WorkDocs and WorkMail services and their environments for self-development.
  • Amazon Honey Code: No-code platform for the creation of applications for collaborative work management and productivity, so no advanced programming knowledge is required.
  • Connect & PinPoint: UCC (Unified Collaborative Communication) platforms for the implementation of an omnichannel contact center in the cloud and inbound and outbound marketing.

Data Storage & Warehouse

AWS cloud storage services offer near-perfect durability, accessibility and security for small businesses.

Amazon S3 offers businesses nearly unlimited pay-as-you-go scaling and the highest data security standards, at a lower cost and with significantly greater accessibility than on-premises tape storage.

Other Amazon data, database and application storage services include:

  • S3 Glacier (Instant Retrieval/Flexible Retrieval): accessible data storage with native security, backups and disaster recovery options.
  • AWS Storage Gateway: Cloud storage packages in hybrid environments.
  • AWS Snow: Deployment of storage appliances for Edge Computing deployment (edge computing or near massive data sources).
  • AWS DataSync: For data transfer and hosting optimization.

Cloud Migration

AWS migration solutions provide the support and capabilities for the design, assessment, mobilization, optimization, and the actual migration of hundreds or thousands of workloads.

Support and professional services from AWS and its certified partners provide the strategies, best practices, and proven patterns to help accelerate and optimize your migration process at any time.

AWS MAP is the cloud migration acceleration program that automates execution, provides the focus and training needed to overcome any challenge with the support of AWS Professional Services.

Other AWS cloud migration services for your business include:

AWS Managed Services (AMS): A library of automations, virtualization configurations, and procedures for managing your AWS cloud environments under efficiency, scalability, and security criteria.
AWS Marketplace: An extensive and organized portfolio of tools and software to accelerate and optimize every stage of migration.
AWS Certifications and Training: Training resources to armor your IT team’s hard skills and competencies in Cloud migration, management and support.

Here the best practices for migrating from a monolithic to a Microservices-based architecture.

Cloud Management

AWS Cloud Operations is a service that makes it possible to optimize cloud workloads, accelerate development and improve IT processes in general.

Implementation cases such as migration and management of legacy application portfolios, development environments, hybrid data centers and edge computing, find in AWS Cloud Operations the model and tools to operate in the cloud under the premises of:

  1. Management and investment cost savings.
  2. Productivity and synergy of the IT team.
  3. Operational resilience by minimizing downtime and DR (Disaster Recovery) deployments.
  4. Governance and compliance.
  5. Application stock interoperability, simplified management and visibility.

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AI and ML Enablements

Automate, solve security issues, improve efficiency, implement state-of-the-art data analytics processes, generate Machine Learning-based predictions without any code and more with AWS AI implementations.

Amazon brings together some 20 years of experience in AI development and a portfolio of more than 100,000 customers optimizing their processes with this type of functionality.

AWS AI services are easily integrated into your company’s stock of applications and its machine learning tools will optimize functions such as customer service, profile and access management, reporting optimizations, logistics and traceability.

Content Management

Amazon CloudFront is an AWS cloud networking service for website optimization to enable high performance, security and visibility for both developers and users.

  • Develop websites with automated mapping and intelligent routing for latency impact.
  • Enhances security with traffic encryption and NGFW enablement.
  • Delivers high-fidelity video and audio for any device, with AWS Elemental and AWS Media Service integrations.
  • And deliver patches and updates with unmatched throughput rates.

Analytics and data lake

In the age of data, AWS offers a broad portfolio of analytics solutions for companies of any size and industry to reinvent their strategies based on valuable information.

Today more than 200,000 corporate data lakes run in the AWS cloud and the statistics are growing daily.

Analytics options span all stages of management:

  • ¬†Migration
  • Storage
  • Data Lake
  • Business Intelligence
  • Business Analytics
  • Streaming Analytics
  • Big Data
  • Data Machine Learning
  • Prescriptive tools
  • And more.

All of these services are configured and deployed according to your business needs by certified business partners.

AWS Cloud Services for Your Business – Conclusion

We hope this brief introduction has given you an overview of some of the Amazon Web Services cloud solutions and services available to your business.

We are facing an unparalleled portfolio, from the hand of a globally recognized colossus in IT infrastructure and logistics.

In Mexico and Chile, AWS cloud services and tools are available from the hand of facilitators and value-added integrators such as NU Technology.

In NU Tech we configure and implement different solutions from AWS and other major manufacturers to scale the services of your company without large investments, regardless of its line of business or size.

If you want to delve into one of the AWS implementations please contact one of our specialists.