Cloud Migration

We help retailers identify which of their applications could benefit the most from cloud migration or which cloud platform to choose that provides the most support and flexibility to meet their need for increased speed and improved IT efficiency.

As your cloud migration partner, our solutions help you make a smooth transition to the cloud.

Our cloud consultants work closely with our customers who have recently adopted the cloud but have not taken full advantage of it, will take a methodical approach to cloud transition helping them through advisory workshops, as-is and to-be evaluation exercises and pilot implementation phases.

Migration Services

Cloud migration and adoption services cover the migration of on-premises applications to the cloud.

One of the main aspects of this type of migration process is moving existing applications to fit the cloud environment, as most existing on-premises applications are not designed to meet the requirements of the cloud environment.

Whether your business-critical applications and databases run massive data volumes or complex environments that need operational support, they need to be restructured when migrating to the cloud.

Our Approach

We work with our customers to develop cloud migration strategies and help them develop new tools and approaches for operating in the cloud. We provide an increasingly agile and scalable environment that ensures faster time to market, reduces IT complexities, lowers operational cost and initial investments.

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Discovery & Assesment

Assess network, infrastructure, security and compliance requirements.

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End-to-end cloud migration services for multi-cloud environments.

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Risk & Compliance

Adherence and compliance with migration policies based on business requirements.

Consultor en Cloud Computing
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Migration Planning

Customized policies to reduce adoption time based on infrastructure.

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Operation & Maintenance

Application testing and implementation, maintenance and incident management support.

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Post Migration Support

Real-time monitoring of ongoing performance and availability benchmarks.

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