Headless is a term that implies a whole philosophy of development and service designed to offer open, free, collaborative technology and management, without neglecting security protocols and policies. That is what you will find with Commercetools solutions for your digital business.

“Freedom, speed, flexibility and a customer experience based on state-of-the-art e-commerce solutions” is Commercetools‘ motto and proposal for its business partners.

Commercetools is a pioneer and industry leader in headless architecture for ecommerce, within the MACH principles (Microservices, API First, Cloud and Headless).

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Here we will focus on the advantages and benefits of adopting Commercetools for eCommerce.

These are some of the advantages and benefits of Commercetools

NULogic and Commercetools represent an unprecedented level of customization, interoperability, omnichannel presence and flexibility, here are some details to achieve it.

Decoupled infrastructure

Goodbye to vendor lock-in!

Headless is a logic that allows you to separate the design layers front-end from the deep architecture back-end which provides absolute creative freedom for your IT and design team to develop their own interfaces connecting all your applications, devices and channels.

Goodbye to heavy monolithic code

All Commercetools developments are based on a microservices architecture, one where each functionality or module develops and operates independently connecting to each other through API’s (application programming interface).

With microservices, the days when an upgrade or integration failure left your business and application stocks out of service are long gone.

Through Commercetools a new functionality or implementation is developed or tested independently, in record time and without compromising the security or availability of the service or data.

More about microservices, these are 7 benefits of Microservices for your business that you should know.

Agility in tune with market dynamism

Complementing the previous point, Commercetools’ Headless architecture approach offers unprecedented development, launch and time to market.

It is an agile approach that fosters scalability or the ability of the system to respond to changes or increases in demand in an increasingly competitive digital marketplace.

Design autonomy

The API First approach, another pillar in the management of Commercetools, enables your brand to create unique and differentiated experiences from the competition.

With monolithic solutions from an orthodox vendor, your site will have a template-based, homogeneous, unoriginal design. In contrast, Commercetools stock offers a highly customizable technology stack compatible with thousands of partner applications.

And if you don’t like a recommendation, replace it by freely building and customizing its components.

Self-management in the cloud

Commercetools solutions are managed and updated on Cloud. You won’t have to outlay huge investments on your own IT infrastructure, updating and management every time the market prints a change.

Commercetools self-management automatically updates your platform at least once a day, saving time and money on maintenance and management.

No more costly proprietary infrastructure upgrades or risky platform changes, with Commercetools you are free to do business!

True Omnichannel presence

Far from vendor lock-in, with open solutions and an unprecedented level of integration and interoperability you can turn every touch point or medium into a true conversion and sales channel.

From email to chatbots, from game consoles to holographic devices, a true implementation of MACH principles enables these integrations in a simple way.

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NULogic Premier Partner of Commercetools

We are NULogic, aggregators and enablers of solutions for digital commerce and online business with global presence.

We are proud to have alliances with partners like Commercetools, we are united by our passion for the same work philosophy.

In NULogic we are Commercetools premier partner since 2018, we have the support of this leading digital commerce platform and today 30 of our best talents are certified in the management and implementation of their solutions and services.

Say goodbye to monolithic, expensive and restrictive e-commerce platforms.

We invite you to meet the new generation of eCommerce, migrate with us to the MACH approach (Microservices, API First, Cloud and Headless) and together let’s capitalize on the benefits of unprecedented customization and flexibility.

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