Web Portal Development

Facilitate Next Generation customer experience with advanced web portals development services from NULogic.

With the web becoming a major source of quality information, product and services, the entire business landscape is undergoing a digital revolution. With cut throat competition, public horizontal and vertical Internet portals are helping businesses beat competition by gathering, consolidating and moving data and web content towards their target audience. They pull customers by providing users with enhanced functionalities and latest features, enhanced search options, voting and commenting functionality, profiling and social networks connectivity, etc. Likewise enterprise portals are powering corporate information environment to support operational activities, collaboration, decision-making, knowledge management, etc.

Businesses are increasingly moving towards web portals for offering their products and services online. Using web portals, companies are delivering unique and consistent user experience!

Search Solutions

Integrating custom search platforms into your WordPress or Drupal-powered website can equip your content management system (CMS) with the ability to index and search content through custom, faceted results as a powerful solution. We break down five of the most popular search platform options by complexity, level of control, quality, and cost to help you choose the ideal search integration for your business goals.

Why should you use search platforms like Bloomreach, Elastic search, Algolia, Klevu, and Alfresco? There are several factors that can determine the need to implement enterprise search, including customizing or altering current search results. For performance issues, platforms like Bloomreach and Algolia offload computation to increase the perceived performance of your server while offering powerful solutions like autocomplete and other dynamic facets.

Content Management Services

NULogic brings together the industry best practices and data for an integrated strategic approach to content management. Leveraging on business intelligence, data management, architecture and portal development skills, our end to end content management services focuses on improving business performance.

Why Content Management?

In today’s world where people are closely connected, sharing knowledge is essential to moving towards a better way of living. Content has become the king! For corporate, content is a necessity for becoming successful on the web. Packaged in different formats, content management has become the top agenda for business functions, especially business and finance functions. This calls for the need of an end-to-end content management platform.

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