Based on Gartner Group these are the platforms that challenge e-commerce leaders by 2022.


Shopify is an eCommerce platform that runs with millions of businesses worldwide. It follows an easy 3-step process in making your eCommerce store. This Canadian-based eCommerce company helps you customize your digital marketing platform.

Being a Challenger

According to Forbes, Shopify is one of Amazon’s competitors. Dominating the eCommerce community is every company’s goal. At Shopify, managing different sizes of businesses is easy.

Based in Ottawa, Canada, Shopify runs in 175 countries with more or less 1.7 million businesses. With its growing scope, this eCommerce platform hosts other brands like Heinz, Allbirds, Gymshark, and Staples.

As of 2021, Shopify hosts 1.58 million websites according to BuiltWith. With these companies’ satisfying experiences, Shopify holds the potential of transitioning into a much better platform.

Main Characteristics

Shopify offers digital marketing tools for different types of businesses. No matter how big or small, it answers the need of entrepreneurs to manage their online shops. Managing a retail business comes in handy using Shopify’s creative tools.

This eCommerce platform allows a user to customize a store’s digital interface. By doing so, creating a brand with various templates makes an eye-catching shop. Incorporate your website by making Shopify a host.

Shopify’s API platform enables users to develop applications and upload them to the Shopify App Store at a price.


Shopify offers the recovery of abandoned sales. The platform sends an email to potential customers in making purchases of canceled orders. Doing so increases the probability of placing an order for another possible sale.

You don’t have to worry about shipping rates because Shopify is connected to shipping carriers. This allows automatic feedback in making orders from different geographical locations.


Although Shopify offers multiple themes, managing these can be tricky. Sometimes, you’ll need to customize your themes to make them fit.

Shopify doesn’t also offer email hosting. Branding is at stake by excluding your shop’s name in sending emails. And lastly, Shopify is expensive. Relying only upon Shopify’s free features won’t make your shop stand out. Thus, forcing you to upgrade and pay additional fees.



BigCommerce is powered by the American stock market exchange Nasdaq in New York City. This eCommerce platform offers retailers the appropriate software for catering services. It specializes in SEO, store optimization, marketing, and hosting.

With more than 60,000 stores worldwide, BigCommerce covers 120 countries in service. Using a flexible Open SaaS opens the road to building a competent brand.

Being a Challenger

BigCommerce competes in the eCommerce platform by supporting small to large-size enterprises. The platform offers narrow-scope services to uprising businesses in addressing their needs.

BigCommerce’s vision of innovating a new level of digital enterprise earned its title as a challenger. As a growing digital platform, BigCommerce focuses on achieving its goal of providing quality services to its business counterparts.

Main Characteristics

BigCommerce offers website customization to make a more creative platform. The analytics optimization and SEO features help entrepreneurs manage their shops. Creating a good payment option ensures fast transactions.

Handling currency conversion and payment options using BigCommerce add convenience. As such, businesses that use this eCommerce platform are able to run smoothly.


BigCommerce is compatible with any mobile device. Since about 50% of shoppers spend time using their gadgets, BigCommerce is the best tool to capture one’s attention. Good customer service creates a friendly environment for customers.

Inventory management facilitates an organized flow of tasks while using BigCommerce. This multi-platform system runs a smooth shopping experience. BigCommerce’s acquisition of BundleB2B opens the full potential of B2B merchants in line with digital marketing.


BigCommerce needs ample resources. Investing in this eCommerce platform needs cash. The annual online sales hinder a merchant to achieve maximum sales. You need extra payment once you exceed the quota.

Its themes look the same. You need further customization despite its variety. This means additional fees.


Optimizely grants the dream of making a unique digital experience in transforming the eCommerce community. The eCommerce platform seeks constant innovation to create the best services. Backed up with evidence-based services, experimentation plays a major role in making your shop better.

Being a Challenger

Optimizely’s goal of becoming a major eCommerce platform earned it a title as a challenger. With more than 9,000 businesses worldwide, Optimizely offers profound services to its customers. As a result, this eCommerce platform continuously rises to the top along with other leading companies.

Main Characteristics

Optimizely offers an option to optimize and create the best digital platform experience. Using a sole foundation, Optimizely holds the potential of making a better digital architecture. Scaling content and tailoring your shop generates a CMS enterprise of the best-in-class.

This platform proved effective in Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and A/B testing. Modifying CSS or Javascript is possible using Optimizely which makes it convenient.


Creating content with the best optimization tools enhances your digital marketing platform. Optimizely helps in making this dream come true by creating the best interface. Engaging with an experimentation platform gives you an idea of how to respond to customers’ needs.

Empowering teams is key to success. Optimizely helps in identifying needs and addressing them to improve your eCommerce business. Creating substantial content encourages potential clients to engage with your shop.


Optimizely is easy to understand. However, the lack of complexity makes it very basic. In addition, availing of additional services requires a hefty prize.

Upgrading your shop is essential. Compared to other leading companies, Optimizely runs a basic interface. Although you can make a retouch using its inclusive features, aiming for more is always the best.


Ecommerce platforms serve as a medium for making digital marketing businesses boom. The right platform holds the potential of achieving maximum sales. Aside from leading eCommerce platforms, challengers are paving their way.

Shopify, BigCommerce, and Optimizely are some of the famous challengers in the market. Using these platforms gives you the upper hand in developing your online shop. Compete with other leading brands and utilize the best services in running an eCommerce business.