E-commerce Services

The enterprise digital commerce business is evolving at an unprecedented pace in the digital world. To meet the demands of the industry and the needs of digital businesses, e-commerce solutions must be agile, easy to integrate and deploy.

We offer e-commerce development services as well as e-commerce website design, either using globally recognized platforms or as custom developments to meet the specific needs of our clients.

We are experts in the development and design of mobile e-commerce applications and solutions to provide e-commerce users with the best user experience.


At NULogic, we will bring our expertise in Commercetools to your organization, so you can get your team and platform up and running quickly.

Headless e-commerce is new to many people and we can guide you through the most common hurdles, working alongside your architects and developers. Our experts can sit down with your business team to discuss approaches and what to look for in a systems integrator partnership.

The recent shift of companies from monolithic applications to an e-commerce environment with an API, Omni-Channel, has positioned Commercetools as a leader in the e-commerce field. Its headless commerce platform separates frontend and backend responsibilities and enables companies to create seamless shopping experiences across all digital touchpoints.

We’d like you to think of us as an integrated team of consultants, working with you rather than taking control. Guiding you toward the right balance of team, IS and technology. NULogic has supported a wide range of companies with the implementation and use of Commercetools. Our experience across different workflows allows us to deliver these applications in an independent, easy to deploy and fully tested automated way.

Elastic Path

As an Elastic Path (SI) systems integrator NU is able to build, customize and extend the platform to create amazing digital experiences for our enterprise customers.

Elastic Path showed the digital world how to create extraordinary shopping experiences that simplify both B2C and B2B commerce. Elastic Path’s open source approach breaks down traditional e-commerce silos, making every customer touchpoint purchase-enabled and consistent.

Elastic Path’s flexible enterprise commerce software brings omni-channel ecommerce directly to cloud marketing platforms and user experience (UX) management, enabling the customer journey in a complete digital environment that maximizes engagement and drives greater revenue.

At NU, we provide a powerful range of capabilities that can be tailored to your most complex business needs. Together with a huge talent pool of specialized e-commerce resources, we help clients continually innovate at speed and scale so they can outperform their competition.

Elastic Path is pleased to leverage our digital expertise and e-commerce methodologies to deliver solutions to clients of all sizes, industries and geographies. Together we put the options in place to develop a powerful, tightly integrated content and commerce solution to market at maximum speed.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

We, NULogic, are a Salesforce commerce cloud implementation company with certified Demandware experts. The team is proficient in Salesforce commerce cloud cartridge development, Pipeline migration to Store Front Reference Architecture (SFRA), automated monitoring, continuous integration and continuous development based e-commerce test automation and more.

Our capabilities include:

  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud implementation and support.
  • Store Front Reference Architecture for Salesforce Commerce Cloud.
  • Continuous testing based on QA and release automation.
  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud continuous integration services.
  • Demandware Extensions and e-commerce development.
  • Customization of third-party Salesforce Commerce Cloud extensions.
  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud cartridge development.
  • New Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture.
  • Demandware code audit.
  • Cart and checkout enhancements.


Magento consulting and web development.
NULogic helps organizations design and deliver Magento sites that have measurable impact. Our highly skilled Magento developers and leaders are uniquely positioned to launch, facilitate and drive your business capabilities with Magento Commerce. Our technical expertise makes us the perfect partner if you are looking to extend and customize the platform to better support your business and user needs.

We help organizations design and deliver Magento sites that have measurable impact. Whatever your Magento business needs and goals, we can help.
Our capabilities include:

  • Consulting.
  • Development and site implementation.
  • Magento2 Migration.
  • Customization and module development.
  • Site optimization.
  • Site maintenance and support.

SAP Hybris

The market-leading B2B and B2C commerce platform, Hybris Commerce is consistently ranked number one by Gartner. With its built-in omni-channel versatility, it allows you to engage and transact with your customers anywhere, anytime, on any device.

NULogic has been at the forefront of commerce implementations and delivery of complex integration services with associated front-end and back-end systems.

Our experienced team of Hybris developers, architects, business analysts, delivery managers and project managers, based in the US and in our own near-shore development centers in Santiago, Chile and off-shore development centers in Chennai, India, delivers highly successful e-commerce projects on the Hybris platform.

Our capabilities include:

  • Responsive UX design and implementation.
  • Hybris Commerce framework expertise.
  • Experience in industry specific Hybris Commerce accelerators.
  • xperience in the Hybris integration framework.
  • Experience in delivering complex B2B / B2C workflows.

Oracle Commerce Cloud

Oracle Commerce/ATG (ATG) is the powerful commerce engine on which we’ve built our brand success. In our 15+ years of helping our customers build some of the best e-commerce sites in the world with ATG, we know the platform inside and out. Whether you’re looking for functionality upgrades, 11.3 updates, integrations, tweaks, or even looking for a new platform for the cloud, you can trust NULogic as your partner.

Oracle Commerce Cloud (OCC) is the first and only enterprise-class cloud e-commerce platform on the market. NULogic ensures your site is on time, on budget, providing the modern user experience your customers expect. Whether starting a new site, switching platforms to the cloud or fine-tuning an existing instance, we have the experience and technical capability to ensure your project is done right.

NU’s e-commerce experts can help you strategize on how best to optimize your OC/ATG investment. By evaluating your current platform configuration and features and comparing them to the world’s leading stores, we can help you establish your platform roadmap in terms of which features to add, which to iterate, how to get more value out of the ATG platform, and whether it may be time to start a rethinking exercise for the cloud.

Big Commerce

Big Commerce – NUlogic is a digital transformation company that provides Big Commerce platform implementation services for businesses. As a Big Commerce implementation expert, NUlogic has extensive knowledge and experience in setting up and customizing Big Commerce stores to meet the specific needs of their clients.

NUlogic’s implementation process typically involves a comprehensive analysis of our client’s business requirements, followed by the creation of a customized implementation plan that includes designing, developing, and deploying the Big Commerce store. We also offer ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure the store runs smoothly and efficiently.

Our team of experts has in-depth knowledge of the Big Commerce platform, including its various features and functionalities. We use this expertise to help our clients maximize the platform’s potential, creating an exceptional shopping experience for customers while also increasing sales and revenue for our clients.

Our Competencies

At the enterprise level, the IT teams required to support digital commerce objectives can be massive. Opting for our services with 24/7 support can significantly reduce cost and increase performance. Our capabilities include:

Integración ERP icono

ERP Integration

Integration of e-commerce ERP to integrate the e-commerce operation to the company’s accounting, inventory and finance systems.

Colaboración social icono

Social collaboration

Social collaboration involves the use of digital models and social media platforms to enhance collaboration.

bodega icono

Inventory Management

Inventory management is a systematic approach to the procurement, storage and sale of inventories of both raw materials (components) and finished goods.

gestión de entrega icono

Delivery Management

Delivery management is a much broader scale of project management. It is the organization, administration and supervision of people.

cloud computing network con tarjeta y celular
Inventario almacén
Integración con CRM icono

CRM Integration

The CRM integration will allow you to assist your customers throughout their purchase process, from the moment they discover your website to their repurchase through loyalty campaigns.

Informes y analítica icon

Reports & Analytics

Reporting gives you information, analysis gives you ideas. Reporting raises questions, analysis tries to answer them.

Integración de pagos icon

Payment Integration

Integrating payment technology into the software you use to run your business will streamline operations.

Intgración con el contact center icon

Integration with the Contact Center

Contact centre software integration capabilities include cloud APIs and pre-built integrations to leading cloud CRM solutions.

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