Major brands such as Intuit, Pella, Deckers Brands, T-Mobile, Pokémon and 250 other enterprise-sized brands rely on Elastic Path’s ecommerce API solutions, headless and microservices solutions that enable developers to create, deploy and continuously optimize unique digital commerce solutions.

The prestigious technology research and consulting firm Gartner gathers the opinion of 60 expert users who have reviewed Elastic Path Commerce Cloud recognizing it as a seamless and stable API for any digital business that wants the highest level of flexibility and agility in its business processes.

At NU Logic we are enablers of comprehensive solutions for e-commerce and as part of our portfolio of alliances we present you Elastic Path’s Commerce Cloud solution, let’s see what it is and how it can benefit your business.

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What is Elastic Path Commerce Cloud and what does it offer?

According to its official site Elastic Path Commerce Cloud is a multi-tenant, microservices-based headless ecommerce solution that provides an API enabling multiple channels and digital commerce experiences.

The definition may be fuzzy for some readers, so let’s better ground the concept.

Headless is any system, software or technology tool that decouples the front-end from the back-end, so that the interface, design or appearance is detached from the site’s architecture, structuring and programming.

In doing so, headless solutions provide flexibility, agility and a greater degree of customization for designers and creatives.

The headless configuration integrates very well with the microservices architecture, an agile programming or development model that instead of concentrating the code in a single (monolithic) structure, codes any solution in a modular or segmented way based on its functionalities.

So under this approach Elastic Path Commerce Cloud enables an application programming interface (API) to facilitate front-end integrations to easily create and launch eCommerce sites.

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What are the benefits and advantages of Elastic Path Commerce Cloud?

A note published in TechTarget in 2020 under Elastic Path’s integration with Moltin, a microservices platform specializing in connecting eCommerce platforms to a diverse range of mobile channels, highlights some of the benefits and advantages:

New digital retail ecosystems

The addition of Moltin microservices to Elastic Path’s API orchestration layer gives users the ability to more quickly support their eCommerce operations into new channels such as emerging social media payment ecosystems.

Elastic Path has been a pioneer since 2011 in API First and headless commerce, since then it has been enabling the integration of sales channels beyond desktops and laptops, through mobile devices to an increasingly diverse range of IoT devices such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) speakers, glasses and headsets, or video game consoles.

It’s all about omnichannel integration and presence for cutting-edge B2C and B2B sites, selling on any channel with a simple, visible and unified interface.


Under the philosophy ‘customer anywhere, commerce everywhere’ major brands in sectors as varied as telecommunications or healthcare services are modernizing, creating and monetizing unique experiences in marketing, pricing, promotions, logistics and after-sales service.

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Agility and flexibility

Elastic Path Commerce Cloud’s microservices-based architecture allows you to react quickly to changing trends and market opportunities.

New products or services, rapid launches, innovations connected to the omnichannel digital commerce experience, even in complex business models.

A corporate brochure on the benefits of Elastic Path states how businesses only need to implement their business logic once and the platform takes care of projecting these applications to the customer in different languages, channels and predefined pricing strategies.

Launching a new site and expanding to new geographies with advanced localization capabilities is just a fraction of the time with Elastic Path’s API First.

True consumer experience

Great brands are characterized by a memorable, highly personalized and timely customer experience.

Elastic Path Commerce‘s MACH (Microservices, API First, Cloud and Headless) philosophy makes it possible to redefine a brand based on the customer experience, allowing you to offer a high level of customization without being limited by template-based suites or vendor lock-in.

Elastic Path‘s extensible and flexible architecture adapts to the unique needs of your customers and their businesses with the level of customization you desire and is something that monolithic architectures cannot offer.

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Cloud-native scalability and security

We live in the era of digital transformation and the ultimate embrace of cloud computing, legacy environments of 100% on-premises infrastructures are behind us.

The shift to modern digital business is driven by the growing need for commerce platforms that are capable of handling large numbers of transactions efficiently and securely.

So even small businesses, SMBs and startups are adopting a cloud strategy by reducing investments, management costs, maintaining their own infrastructure and enabling scalability whenever the market demands it.

Elastic Path Commerce Cloud provides that scalability and security space for enhanced cloud deployments, is optimized to run natively in the AWS cloud, ideally leveraging the flexibility of the multi-tenant model.

It is a pioneering digital commerce enablement platform built on the public cloud with all the functionality and security of an on-premises infrastructure.

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Elastic Path Commerce Cloud and its benefits – Final Thought

We live in a digital age, where the customer is increasingly demanding, their tastes and preferences are constantly evolving; so omnichannel presence, touch points, security and convenience must move with them.

Elastic Path Commerce Cloud‘s headless and API First approach enables rapid adaptation to emerging technologies.

Goodbye to lengthy upgrade and adjustment periods, going forward you won’t have to build applications and infrastructure for every touchpoint that emerges and your IT environment can modernize at the pace your market prints without impacting or disrupting your revenue.

At  NU Logic, we are specialists in enabling global technology solutions and valuable infrastructure for e-commerce.. Our customized developments and agile methodologies will allow you to unleash the true potential of your business.