Ecommerce is growing in popularity these days because everything is now going digital most especially in the world of business.

Gone are the days when we have to go to a physical store to buy something we want and need. Although we still can’t deny the fact that we need to go to these places, we also know how much better and more convenient it is for us to just stay at home and surf the net when buying something.

However, some issues come with it. One of which is that ecommerce online shops are sometimes slow. This leads to turnover rate and lost revenues and clients.

But there is a way to do this, and that is by using Cloudflare CDN.

This article will discuss how you can use Cloudflare CDN to improve your ecommerce’s performance to rake in higher revenue streams.

Lower latency

Cloudflare is a content delivery network that helps multiple websites deal with latency problems, which is one of the most common issues ecommerce sites today have.

What’s nice about Cloudflare is that it gives customers an edge network that allows a closer connection to information. This is different from other networks where information and data bounce off from one server to another which leads to slow connections and lags.

What’s also nice about Cloudflare is that they have more than 170 data centers scattered across the globe. They do this in tandem with their caching of their clients’ websites along with static data. They then deliver it back to the client depending on the closest location.

Better security

Another nice thing about Cloudflare is that it gives better protection from various online threats such as cross-site scripting, bot infestation, comment spamming, and SQL injection.

They also have their own data center they call the Anycast network that can accommodate speeds of up to 30 Tbps.

This can stave off massive DDoS attacks with the help of their layered security system. They do this by combining different DDoS mitigation features into one system. This then creates lower traffic rates and avoids any disruption that might be created by high traffic flows.

Their Anycast network is very efficient in defending entire networks against highly distributed attacks which is just what you need if you want to prevent any downtime on your site’s servers.

It does this by anticipating attacks using its shared global intelligence scattered across millions of websites.

It also has a secure tunnel that connects the infrastructure to the main data center of Cloudflare. These features assure that your ecommerce store’s app and website are very less likely to suffer any downtimes or hijacked security.

Reduce server load

Another nice thing about Cloudflare is that it is based on a proxy server between your website and any potential incoming traffic.

This lowers down the strain that servers experience. DDoS attacks won’t anymore become a major threat because they will have a hard time reaching the website.

Cloudflare also has the Always Online option which gives your site a cached version. This saves your site’s current state and sends it directly to you if your main server crashes.

This is a very nice thing especially if you always have an overloaded server. Developers will also have an easy time creating patches and fixing various issues if ever new bugs or network issues rise.

Save bandwidth

Most web hosting services charge a ton of fees when it comes to transactions and transfers. This is why many ecommerce site owners are surprised to see a huge spike in their hosting bill.

Cloud providers also have their telecom backbone that leads to higher infrastructure costs. These costs are then passed on to the customer and are relabelled as data transfer fees.

You don’t have to worry about any of these, though, if you have Cloudflare because this transfers the traffic using peer connections. These connections are interconnected locally and help minimize transit charger as well as infrastructure costs.

Cloudflare also has its group called bandwidth Alliance composed of globally-renowned cloud providers such as IBM, Backblaze, Vapor, and Microsoft Azure. This will ultimately save bandwidth and make the overall user experience much better for your customers.

Higher revenues

Ensuring fast speeds on your website isn’t just about making things look cool and nice. It’s also about ensuring that you can increase conversion rates, and in the process, revenue.

Having excellent website performance directly translates to better user engagement, which then creates higher conversion rates.

This also improves SEO because it will boost traffic to your site. And higher traffic means earning more profits and revenue, right? Letting Cloudflare CDN do the job for your ecommerce site is surely the way to go if you want to boost your online business to success.

Bonus Tips to Improve Performance

The nice thing about Cloudflare is that it allows users to tinker with the many settings controls present in the control panel.

One of the best features ecommerce shop owners can use is the Always Online feature. This lets site visitors still use and navigate around your website even if the server is down. It does this because Cloudflare saves static pages using its cache system.

Furthermore, Cloudflare also lets users know how much data from your website is going to be stored in their network. In simpler words, your site is going to load faster if you have saved a lot of caches. We recommend you start with the standard feature so you won’t get overwhelmed.

You can also try its Always Use HTTP feature that directs HTTP calls to HTTPS. It’s best to always turn this feature on to ensure fast loading times.

Note that around 73% of people leave a website because it loads very slow. Hence, it’s best to always ensure fast speeds to maintain high conversion rates.


If you want to boost the performance of your website to improve revenue and increase profit rates, then it’s best to use Cloudflare CDN.

Not only does it increase navigation speeds, but it also secures your site and prevents hacks. It also saves a lot of bandwidth while lowering down infrastructure costs.

There are already a lot of website hosting providers that include Cloudflare CDN on their hosting package. Make sure it’s included if you’re planning of having your web hosting renewed so you can make the most out of it. Would you like to improve your ecommerce performance? Ask for a free consultation