Systems and software installed on computers operating exclusively in a local, confined environment have become obsolete. In the last decade, business and work environments have changed.

Behind all this movement are Cloud solutions from big players such as Huawei, AWS, Microsoft or Google.

The crisis of 2020 accelerated these changes: the way we shop, how we educate and work; and although medical solutions have brought us back to a certain normality, many of these acquired patterns will prevail over time.

It was cloud computing, cloud solutions and cloud services that allowed many companies to continue to operate during the harshest of confinement.

The cloud is the future and market trends prove it. According to the official website of the European Commission, of the grand total of companies in the area in 2021 more than 41% use environments, applications and services in the cloud.

Globally, according to Statista figures, more than 60% of corporate data and systems in 2022 will be in the cloud, a share that was less than 30% five years ago.

These are reasons to consider investing in cloud solutions and services and today at NU Tech we offer a brief introduction to the portfolio of one of the largest global Cloud manufacturers: Huawei.

Huawei Cloud has a specialized catalog by sector or industry, here the Huawei solutions for eCommerce.

Huawei and its cloud services and solutions division

Huawei Technologies Co. is a technological colossus founded in Shenzhen – China in 1987, a conglomerate with global reach that became known with quality products in its consumer electronics and telecommunications divisions.

One of the Asian holding company’s divisions is cloud computing: Huawei Cloud, which aims to develop and distribute information technology (IT) and communication solutions through its own cloud infrastructure with a reach to some 170 countries.

Huawei’s comprehensive portfolio of Cloud products, solutions and services is recognized worldwide and achieves successful local implementations through open collaboration with a network of partners, service integrators and value aggregators such as Nulogic.

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Huawei’s main cloud solutions and services for your business

Huawei’s portfolio of cloud solutions and services is broad and diversified, we can find them categorized by purpose and by sector or industry.

This is just a very brief description of some of Huawei’s main cloud services and solutions for the digital transformation of your company.

If you wish to learn more about the features of any of these services or solutions, please visit the official Huawei Cloud website.

Object Storage Service (OBS)

A secure, fast and easily scalable way of storing any type of structured or unstructured data in the cloud.

OBS enables remote access to any volume and format of data quickly and securely through an application programming interface under REST architecture boundaries.

An ideal service for uploading, downloading and managing corporate data at high speeds anywhere.

Cloud Backup and Recovery (CBR)

Your data and systems always backed up in the cloud, Huawei’s CBR service allows you to create backups in a reliable way by enabling disaster recovery (DR) remotely.

Recovery is instantaneous and backup creation times are reduced by up to 95%.

Other Huawei cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery services include:

  • Cloud Server Backup Service (CSBS)
  • Storage Disaster Recovery Service (SDRS)
  • Volume Backup Service (VBS)
  • Cloud Search Service (CSS)

Data Express Service (DES)

Data Express Services is Huawei’s mass migration service for data, enterprise systems, and websites to the cloud.

It quickly and cost-effectively migrates databases and data centers in any format in terabytes or petabytes with performance that could not be achieved with a conventional network connection.

These are best practices for migrating from a monolithic architecture to a microservices architecture.

Data Warehouse Service (DWS)

Data Warehouse is an indispensable service for enterprises in the data age where service volumes are growing at an unstoppable rate.

Proprietary physical environments and legacy infrastructure may not be able to meet growing service requirements without incurring heavy upgrade and management investments.

Huawei’s Data Warehouse Service is an ideal solution to these requirements with high performance and low cost pay-on-demand, supported and synergized with other related services such as data analytics, network optimization, and cloud-native security.

Elastic Cloud Server (ECS)

Acquire highly scalable and on-demand virtualized computing resources according to your workload requirements.

Ideal for any application, system or website with high compute and network requirements.

Other applications for the ECS service are:

  • General purpose cache servers and databases
  • Heavy/medium load enterprise applications
  • Rendering
  • High requirement development environments
  • Small to medium scale search clusters
  • Big Data applications
  • Low latency interactive applications
  • Microservices development
  • Virtual desktops

Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) tools

These include Huawei Cloud Meeting, a high-resolution (ultra high definition), audio-quality video conferencing deployment with seamless connectivity and intelligent collaboration capabilities.

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

Private cloud environments allow you to configure and deploy dedicated, private and highly secure virtual networks for data, databases and servers with sensitive information.

Huawei’s private clouds provide the necessary infrastructure for hybrid deployments using Direct Connect or VPN services to generate the necessary interoperability with your local data centers, manage and/or migrate workloads and data centers as you see fit.

Huawei VPCs also allow you to host applications and websites securely, creating subnets, access controls and convenient group rules; all with automatic resource adjustment.

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Complementing the previous section, hybrid cloud solutions enable Huawei partners and their customers to optimize the performance of their on-premises environments and data centers with Huawei’s cloud solutions.

This enables interoperability and workload management between dedicated private environments and public clouds under security, cost reduction and scalability criteria.

AI tools set in the cloud

Many of the cloud solutions offered by the manufacturer contemplate artificial intelligence functionalities that you can also hire, some of them are:

  • ModelArts: an AI development platform for application deployment.
  • ExeML is a non-code tool that allows you to build and deploy AI models quickly.
  • Tools for building and managing bots.
  • AI zones for developers.
  • AI tools for graphical recognition.
  • Text and visual material moderation software.
  • Word segmentation APIs.
  • Other tools and environments for AI development under SaaS and PaaS offerings.

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Cloud-native analytics tools

Huawei’s cloud capabilities also apply to Big Data and these are some of its tools and platforms:

  • Data Lake Governance Center (Data Lake Governance Center -DGC) a data operations and governance platform that facilitates the design, development, management and integration of data lakes and assets in the cloud.
  • Data Lake Insight: Serverless data processing and analytics services that support a variety of big data ecosystems.
  • Enterprise-grade big data crossovers.
  • Functionalities for configuring dashboards, graphical panels and other Business Intelligence tools.

SAP in the Huawei Cloud

As reviewed on its official website, Huawei has been a strategic partner of SAP globally since 2012.

Since then they work together and collaboratively in the development of databases, platforms, tools and functionalities within SAP Hana, SAP Ase, SAP Business Suite, SAP NetWeaver, among others.

NU Logic: Integrator and facilitator of Huawei Cloud offerings

This is just a taste of the cloud implementations offered by the Asian manufacturer and developer.

It should be noted that none of these services are exclusively oriented to large companies, your business or SME can also scale with Huawei Cloud solutions, thanks to the advice and support of managed service providers and value aggregators such as Nulogic

If you have any doubts about how to implement, configure and optimize any of these solutions for your company, contact NU Logic specialists.

We provide support in all phases of consulting, design, implementation, management and optimization of IT solutions for your business.