It is a fact that the 2020 healthcare crisis catapulted eCommerce. Global sales via eCommerce went from US $3.35 trillion in 2019 to US $4.28 trillion in 2020 according to figures from the US Department of Commerce.

And although according to analysis from renowned firms such as Morgan Stanley in 2021 this eCommerce growth slowed down, “key trends suggest that eCommerce still has room to grow”.

This justifies that businesses, regardless of their line of business or size, should invest in technologies and solutions for eCommerce that guarantee agility, scalability, convenience and level of service in line with global movements, such as: Cloud Computing, Big Data, AI and cybersecurity.

Important world-class providers with global deployment such as Huawei offer excellent solutions and their local partners, as integrators of these services and value aggregators manage these technologies for the reach of small and medium enterprises, there is NU Tech.

In this issue we introduce you to Huawei Cloud and its cloud implementations for eCommerce and online stores.

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What it means to capitalize on eCommerce solutions

An event hosted by IDC Corp and Huawei called Huawei eCommerce Day (HUAWEI CLOUD Day for retail) highlights the importance of valuable technology for this dynamic sector.

Retailers and businesses seeking an online presence, omnichannel offerings, or optimizing their sales channels need to build and host e-commerce websites on a highly scalable and available cloud infrastructure.

And technologies such as cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence (AI), which are part of the offerings of Huawei and its partners bring clear benefits such as:

  • Reducing business risks
  • Ensuring service convenience and reliability
  • Improving customer experience
  • Providing a secure and efficient sales experience
  • Integrate payment channels
  • Meet growth and performance objectives
  • And gain agility in the commercial strategy to ensure competitiveness.

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Huawei Cloud Service Offering

Huawei’s cloud offering is broad and diversified.

This entire portfolio is available to enabling partners and their customers with rapid deployment, easy management and 24/7 support.

It involves solutions in:

  • Scalable cloud servers and dedicated hosts.
  • Hybrid cloud that combines Huawei’s offerings with the best of each company’s own IT infrastructure.
  • Private cloud
  • Object-Oriented Storage (OBS)
  • Open source databases with excellent APIs for application integration
  • Extensive cloud data center backup options (Backup)
  • Virtualized networking options
  • Advanced AI applications
  • SAP in the cloud
  • Cybersecurity
  • Among others.

Each of these implementations are particularized by industry and use cases, including retail and e-commerce.

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What can be found in Huawei Cloud solutions for eCommerce?

The entire Huawei Cloud portfolio for eCommerce is enabled to create, host and optimize eCommerce websites and deploy all their functionalities in its cloud infrastructure, under criteria of scalability (rapid deployment of capabilities), convenience (broad sales channels) and security.

In addition to the aforementioned cloud services, Huawei offers customized cloud tools for digital commerce, including the following:

  • Cross-border deployment: solutions for scaling a digital business outside its national geographic borders including logistics, customs, taxes and payments.
  • Digital devices and products for eCommerce: options for B2B online sales, online and offline devices, distribution and customer acquisition.
  • Retail, apparel and footwear configurations: online and offline implementations for channel integration, payments and marketing.
  • Cybersecurity for eCommerce: Full-Stack tools and cloud-native options to ensure data privacy and prevent unauthorized use.
  • AR capabilities: augmented reality implementations, image identification, location and mapping.
  • AI applications for eCommerce: accurate pattern creation tools and prescriptions based on consumer behavior.
  • Cloud application optimization: Dashboards and KPI’s for real-time application monitoring and management.
  • Other eCommerce functionalities:
    • Smart Retail.
    • MySQL management system in the cloud
    • Elastic Cloud Servers (ECS)
    • High-performance caching acceleration (DCS)
    • Data Storage: storage of structured and unstructured data in any format.

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NU Tech Huawei Partner and eCommerce technology enabler

NU Technology is an enabler partner of all Huawei’s offerings for ecommerce and online business in Mexico and Chile.

All this offer of cloud services is not exclusive to large corporations and is adaptable to small businesses and digital ventures, you just need to contact the experts at NU Tech.

We are integrators of cloud services, we configure and implement different IT solutions oriented by software and virtualization of Huawei and other recognized manufacturers for the growth and consolidation of your business without having to resort to large investments.

We provide support in all phases of consulting, design, implementation, management and optimization of cloud solutions for eCommerce.

If you have any questions or want to talk to us please contact us.