“An exact connection between the buyer and what they are looking for”
is Klevu’s promise to its thousands of customers and prospects.

With a proprietary on-site search engine and AI-based product categorization and recommendation capabilities, Klevu is positioned among its thousands of digital business customers as a state-of-the-art search functionality, ideal for any online store or marketplace regardless of size or sector.

The UK site PinPoint highlights Klevu’s merchandising and intelligent recommendations functionalities based on deep machine learning that deliver experiences such as: rich autocomplete, self-learning feeds and trending searches, all in real time and optimized for mobile devices, other contact channels and disruptive media.

Without further ado, we introduce Klevu Smart Search‘s intelligent search capabilities in our NU Logic Partners series.

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What is Klevu?

Klevu and its functionalities are a set of applications to improve searches, results and recommendations in any digital business or eCommerce based on artificial intelligence and machine learning which promises higher conversion. So three are its basic functionalities:

  • Site search through a proprietary engine hosted in the cloud and presented as SaaS (Software as a Service).
  • Intelligent categorization functionalities
  • AI-powered product recommendation banners

Omnycode, a digital commerce firm in New York describes Klevu as a set of powerful and extensible e-commerce search solutions that deliver real-time results based on search intent and shopper behavior.

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What does Klevu offer and how does it work?

Klevu and its functionalities are designed to improve the user experience on site and gain greater interaction, enhancing the shopping experience within any online store. How does it achieve this? By deploying on the website and applications:

1) Intelligent search.

Capitalizing on the true power of real-time search intent is the promise of Klevu Smart Search.

It is a search solution for eCommerce and other digital commerce that combines multi-language linguistic options with deep machine learning to deliver more personalized and engaging search results.

Powerful AI algorithms and data analytics process clicks, purchases and product reviews to optimize results dynamically and in real-time for higher conversion into customers and leads.

Klevu‘s own clickstream, segmentation and collaborative filtering applications enable personalization of the in-store experience even for new and anonymous web visitors.

2) Intelligent category merchandising

Klevu IA Merchandising is a combination of artificial intelligence, deep Machine Learning and friendly, intuitive controls for merchandising users.

With it, Klevu dynamically sorts product views and orders on category pages and provides visual merchandising capabilities, all under an AI algorithm to adjust in real-time any category based on user search intent and query history.

It’s dynamic catalog customization on another level.

3) Smart Recommendations

Klevu Smart Recommendations generates amazing, dynamic, advertising pieces in the format of recommendation banners.

It is an excellent product recommendation tool that works hand in hand with the buyer’s true intent, from the initial search adding relevance.

Value from day one, hosted in the cloud and ready to use, getting even better with every click, search query and purchase.

4) Personalization Engine

A search engine alternative under SaaS and PaaS service format, proven to significantly increase average order value and conversion. Its functionality includes:

  • Automated catalog enrichment: in metadata format adds synonyms to improve relevance of results, according to PinPoint up to 3x. Klevu‘s search algorithm can recognize search intent and derive keywords to generate relevant results.
  • Rich autocomplete options: Like Google’s search engine, queries in Klevu‘s tools and bots are autocomplete with intuitive suggestions from the first character and based on preferred searches or search history, resulting in high relevance to users.
  • Dynamic searches: Through user feeds and clicks, when users interact with searches, AI data tracking is triggered and trends, preferences and recently viewed products are displayed.
  • Trends: Klevu unveils popular or recent search terms to users, furthering the shopping experience.¬†Trending searches can even be triggered without entering a single character and feed back into building relationships with users.

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NU Logic enabler of intelligent solutions for digital commerce

Whatever the nature, line of business or size of your online business, if you want highly intuitive and dynamic catalog and search experiences, Klevu’s intelligent offering will deliver results in short order.

With a simple implementation and hundreds of integrations in its library, the search and catalog discovery tools enabled by Klevu’s suite can transform the experience of your touchpoints and put them on par with large corporations.

According to digital commerce implementation rating platform Bigcommerce, Klevu customers have seen conversion rate increases of up to 6x by integrating their search functionality into their sites and applications.

NU Logic enables these intelligent solutions in favor of your digital business, we integrate these and other solutions from world-class manufacturers and developers, for the development of digital commerce.

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