Microservices Architecture

NU has been helping clients implement a microservices architecture that enables them to respond to market changes and stay ahead of the competition.

We design and operate microservices platforms and APIs that enable greater collaboration and agility within teams to accelerate digital innovation.

The Microservices style of architecture is deployment independent, resilient, flexible, highly scalable and easy to enhance. Development teams have the freedom to select the languages and frameworks that best suit their unique needs.

Building a microservices architecture with open source software will eliminate and/or reduce the costs of proprietary software licenses from large enterprise vendors.

MSA Microservice Accelerator

NULogic in order to provide better response times and service to our customers has developed a solution for accelerating the implementation of microservices architecture known as MSA MicroService Accelerator.

Our MSA service offers the implementation of pre-built and adaptable microservices solutions that allow to put into production services under this architecture in a period of 6-8 months with all the advantages provided by microservices based solutions.

An example of a service based on this architecture is the technical certifications validator from NULogic’s technical specialists that you can try in the following link.

Microservices the best option for e-commerce

For companies operating in B2B and B2C e-commerce, microservices bring even more benefits, as they are a powerful method to drive omnichannel strategy. Leveraging microservices architecture in e-commerce further enables:

Integrate e-commerce platforms with multiple systems

Including ERP, WMS, PIM and other optimal solutions for certain niche markets.

Connect and update information flawlessly

Serve up to date data on products offered, shipments, stocks and orders at every contact point.

Provide a consistent and unified UI

Adding a frontend as a microservice is a great way to connect multiple backends with a unified user interface.

Implement innovations safely

By adding easy-to-use solutions or testing sophisticated ideas, microservices reduce the risk of losing business continuity.


The Microservices development is closely related to the organization within a company. When you are ready to implement Microservices or wondering if they are right for your business, our experts will help you go through the entire process, from requirements gathering to implementation.


Exploration session through Microservices workshops.


Microservices API technology configuration proof of concept.

Launch in to production

Secure launch of the scalable solution.


Kick-off meeting for product analysis.


Design and development, integration with other systems, quality testing, secure data migration.

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