Simplify the management of your collaborative portal with LifeRay DXP

Proactive offers a full suite of Intranet Portal Services to jumpstart your knowledge management and Intranet Portal plans. Driving productivity, efficiency, and engagement between your employees, customers, and stakeholders with end-to-end intuitive collaboration solutions.

Our Portals are capable of supporting an entire enterprise for collaboration. As various collaboration tools are implemented which is provided by Liferay as OOTB portlet (blog, wiki, calendar, tasks, alerts, doc sharing, etc), they can be made available to teams through the portal’s modular design capability i.e., add an additional portlet to the system and make available to community owners. As teams collaborate, they input a wide range of resources that can be leveraged by other teams throughout the enterprise. The Portal ability to allow individuals to create their own communities empowers teams to create a web area and assign a set of collaborative tools to the group. An individual can create or join one or more communities and organize all collaboration within that community.

In the Liferay environment, we have developed a survey portlet that we can use as collaboration tools, which give us the facility to create and design our own survey with the desire question and component with easy to use drag and drop functionality. You have the ability to spread your survey to communities and organizations. You can get a report of your survey with a flexible file format and use it to your organization’s growth.

Liferay enterprise portal gives facilities to teams that can be formed by formal organizational roles, they can also be formed by informal roles. Portals enable these teams to join together. For example, a team of experts in various areas of a company can “friend” each other and track various projects they are working on individually.


Liferay allowed us to development of collaborative websites for teams and an entire enterprise. An individual can create or join one or more surveys, communities, and organize all collaboration within that community.


  • Manage large base community sites and organizations.
  • Manage all documents in the central repository.
  • Implements complex BPM process to publish the survey.
  • Handle concurrent users and hits.


  • Portal start handling 45000 virtual users and 1000 concurrent user in a single server.
  • Implement caching on-page to render page within 10s.
  • Developed a centralized document repository to manage the document.
  • Use Solr to improve content as well as documents also.
  • React help us to separate UI logic and backend login in application.

Business Needs:

  • An individual can create own survey according to requirement and publish in all community.
  • Manage large user base and concurrent users in the application.
  • Manage all collaboration components in a single portal like a blog, wiki, etc with drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Implement a user-driven workflow process and approval.
  • Advanced search to search content as well as documents.
  • Isolate the UI component and backend in microservice and distributed architecture.
  • Handle multiple sites, organizations, groups, and roles in one place.
  • Need to handle multiple instances and load balancing.

Business Solution

  • We used Angular portlet in Liferay to improve display product and details page with rich UI components.
  • Used RESTful API to render data on-page to get the speed, modern UI component to add filter functionality, and fetch the image from the AWS S3 bucket.
  • Provide Bootstrap 4 solutions to build a responsive and mobile-friendly application. We build a SPA to avoid monolithic browsing experience.
  • We used Liferay WCM to manage product content and their detailed content with the rich editor.
  • Enable workflow to publish content on the application.
  • Quarterly update of Liferay’s hotfix and security fix patches.
  • Used Liferay in-build elastic search to improve search functionality and display relevant data in the output.
  • Implement CI/CD practice to manage the distributed system and avoid manual processing.
  • 24*7 support with onsite-offshore modules.
  • Manage multiple instances and load balancing in a cluster environment.

Technology Stack

  • Liferay DXP
  • MySQL
  • Restful web services
  • JQuery and AUI script
  • Bootstrap 4 CSS
  • HTML 5
  • Elasticsearch
  • Java 8
  • AngularJS
  • AWS S3

Author: Shatrusudan Sharma
Liferay Certified | AWS Certified | Liferay DXP | Java/J2EE | Struts | Spring | SpringBoot | Microservices | BPM Tools
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