Are you still using outdated experience? Try our effective solution of e-commerce market with leading Liferay portal for B2B and B2C

We worked for a leading e-commerce furniture company of London that designs and retails homewares and furniture online, and across a network of experiential showrooms in Europe. The company minimizes overheads by selling online, grouping orders of the same item, not owning its factories, and building close working relationships with factories and designers. Its website showcases furniture designs and encourages people to vote for their favorite. Crowd-sourced designs go into production and people who voted can go on to purchase them should they reach production. Orders are then placed directly with the manufacturer for mass production. Once produced, these orders are shipped and then dispatched to customers.

With the help of Liferay modern technology, we build effortless purchasing and selling for the first-time buyer and returning user. In e-commerce market returning user is more valuable so we start a similar product recommendation or suggestion with the bought product. And we implement notification via email which product is added in your card. We enhance the buying process to add online payment and wallet account with a various leading vendor in the market.

We make future reading and editable content with the help of a rich content management system of Liferay. We re-design search feature in a more effective way to use leading search engine technology Elastic-search in Liferay, which give us the fast and relevant output of searched data. Liferay is flexible to integrate third party application so we integrate BPM tools to manage business process and customize Liferay in own way.


Liferay allowed us to speed up application performance and browser product effective manner. Liferay helps us to build modern SPA sites and responsive mobile apps.


The client goal was clear right from the beginning of the project: they aimed to build a portal that will give their customers the functions they require on an everyday basis. They were looking for the perfect combination of a portal and a development company that will help them transform their business expectations seamlessly into working solutions. Below are the major challenges that our developers faced:

  • Outdated UI experience.
  • Pathetic browsing experience.
  • The long process of buying journey and cart processing.
  • Worst search functionality.


  • Design and implement a modern UI component with the help of AngularJS in Liferay portlet.
  • Implement SPA and responsive site for mobile-friendly.
  • Improved 30% faster-browsing product and detail and add recommendation product in suggestion.
  • Use Elasticsearch to improve the search functionality of the product with relevant data.
  • Improve cart functionality and add more options in payment.

Business Needs:

  • Modify and improve product page and details page with a modern UI component.
  • Need to improve browsing speed, data load on the page, and add a filter.
  • Product details content should be editable without touching the code.
  • Migrate and manage more than 2000 content from the old system to the new system.
  • The search should be fast and get relevant data.
  • Cart and payment should be user-friendly.
  • Manage profile, order history, and track order status.
  • I need to handle multiple instances and load balancing.

Technology Stack:

  • Liferay DXP
  • MySQL
  • Restful web services
  • JQuery and AUI script
  • Bootstrap 4 CSS
  • HTML 5
  • Elasticsearch
  • Java 8
  • AngularJS
  • AWS S3

Business Solution:

  • We used Angular portlet in Liferay to improve display product and details page with rich UI components.
  • Used RESTful API to render data on-page to get the speed, modern UI component to add filter functionality, and fetch the image from AWS S3 bucket.
  • Provide Bootstrap 4 solutions to build a responsive and mobile-friendly application. We build a SPA to avoid monolithic browsing experience.
  • We used Liferay WCM to manage product content and their detailed content with the rich editor.
  • Enable workflow to publish content on the application.
  • Quarterly update of Liferay’s hotfix and security fix patches.
  • Used Liferay in-build elastic search to improve search functionality and display relevant data in the output.
  • Implement CI/CD practice to manage the distributed system and avoid manual processing.
  • 24*7 support with onsite-offshore modules.
  • Manage multiple instances and load balancing in a cluster environment.

Author: Shatrusudan Sharma
Liferay Certified | AWS Certified | Liferay DXP | Java/J2EE | Struts | Spring | SpringBoot | Microservices | BPM Tools

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