Most product and service industries are undergoing significant technological changes, thanks to the adoption of digital technologies and the increase in demand for omnichannel solutions, which must ensure that their software systems and technology platforms in general are working properly based on the increase of their users.

Software test automation is one of the most effective solutions for improving quality and efficiency

In this article, we will explore the benefits of software test automation in retail companies and how it can contribute to the success and improvement of their products and services.

Cost and Time Reduction with Test Automation

One of the critical points is cost and time reduction, software test automation allows companies and organizations to run tests faster and more efficiently compared to manual testing. By automating testing, human error is eliminated and the time required to complete testing is reduced. This, in turn, lowers the costs associated with the testing process and allows companies to allocate resources to other critical business areas such as operations.

Accelerates Release of Products and Services

Automation accelerates the release of Products and Services, streamlining the tasks associated with the processes of coding, testing and delivery of the product, especially if applied in CI/CD Continuos Integration / Continuos Deployment practices as in DevOps, which optimizes the time of the development and testing teams.

Benefits of test automation according to the World Quality Report

A study delivered by the World Quality Report in its 2023 report, showing the results of interviews conducted with 1750 companies in various countries, shows the percentage of benefits of test automation at each stage of quality assurance, as detailed in the following image:


Early detection of software defects with test automation

Applying test automation allows to anticipate and detect defects in products and services with greater frequency and timeliness, in early stages of the development cycle, reducing the costs of rework and failures in production, which can generate significant economic losses and deterioration of the corporate image.


Accelerating the development of products and services with Test Automation and achieving business objectives has been a priority for Nulogic, which incorporates test automation methodologies and technological solutions, achieving success stories in different industries worldwide.

Software test automation is a smart investment to ensure quality and efficiency in the development of your products and services in the retail sector. Don’t let your business be left behind and take advantage of this powerful tool.

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