What do large corporations such as Amazon, YouTube or Instagram have in common?

Their excellent search and recommendation tools. So much so that they lead their millions of users to value these same capabilities on small business sites. What is Algolia? A provider, among others, of intelligent search solutions and developments, and in this installment of the NU Tech Partner Series we outline its features and benefits.

In the era of the industrial revolution 4.0, digital customers are becoming more and more demanding; they value in any website or application feeds and tools for a flawless interaction, it is an additional way to trust the products and services of an eCommerce or online store.

Algolia‘s specialty is developing and providing software and tools to help your business, regardless of size or line of business, in implementing efficient, flexible and integrative search for all your sites and applications.

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What is Algolia?

Under the slogan “The best search and discovery platform for your business” Algolia is a provider of search engine tools for B2B users and developers, set in the cloud, under SaaS (Software as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service) schemes.

Thus, the company is a global pioneer in the implementation of ‘search as a service’.

The company was founded in 2012 in California USA by Frenchmen Nicolas Dessaigne and Julien Lemoine, winners of the renowned Y Combinator business accelerator competition. Already in 2019 it had 11 thousand enterprise customers, managing 70 data centers distributed in 16 countries.

It is a fact that search tools have been available since the dawn of the internet, URL indexing and search is a large and complex task, a market dominated by Google and Bing.

What makes Algolia’s offering different is the restricted indexing of sites at the request of its clients which makes searches more efficient. Moreover, since its creation, the company has been concerned with the implementation of AI and ML options, which was demonstrated after the acquisition in 2021 of the startup specialized in machine learning MorphL.

Algolia‘s tools have since integrated MorphL’s AI options to predict user behavior patterns and help eCommerce to drive conversion and customization, according to Venturebeat.com.

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What can Algolia do for your business?

Whatever the nature of your business, an online startup, a traditional enterprise, an eCommerce or a small Marketplace; Algolia under the ‘search as a service’ business model provides a search engine and intelligent tools for your websites or Apps to create their own Google-like indexing, with intelligent search and results supported by easy-to-integrate APIs.

Among its portfolio of major customers are NBC, Intuit, Lacoste, Slack, Stripe and Twitch; for them and thousands of other customers Algolia is positioned as an excellent tool for predicting user purchase intent, providing excellent feeds and recommendations without having to invest large amounts of money in proprietary developments and internal AI and ML models.

According to company documentation, Algolia’s engine promises five major advantages:


Algolia‘s search engine is designed to guarantee speed at every flow point. It supports billions of searches for its thousands of companies month after month and delivers valuable results in less than 100 milliseconds, anywhere on the globe.


If anything guarantees conversion, it is the ability to give the customer what they are looking for by giving them ‘the best matches always at the top’.

Under hundreds of criteria and AI implementations Algolia finds the records that match each query and ranks the best matches always up.

From each search intent Algolia detects misspellings, character matching, synonyms, matching titles and popular topics, aggregates the answers and delivers relevance.


Algolia’s algorithm criteria are subject to evaluation and can be mostly configured by your development team by making the engine’s default variables fit each marketplace’s own needs.

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Efficient tools

To all your enterprise customers Algolia offers effective search experiences through configurable tools such as:

  • Search bars
  • Basic and advanced filters
  • Feeds and infinite scrolling
  • Query suggestions
  • Categorization and classifications
  • Search refinements
  • Among others.

Customizable data analysis and reporting

For all its clients Algolia provides dashboards and search analytics tools that can be customized without code.

A dashboard that will enable sales, marketing and development teams to interact and further customize the experience.

Algolia’s Business Analytics reports and data analytics allow you to:

  • Design targeted promotions or campaigns
  • Add personalization to searches
  • Test configurations
  • Generate reports on user behavior
  • Analysis on specific products or groups.

All so that users and prospects find what they are looking for in a matter of fractions of a second and buy from your site. In this regard, according to a Forrester Consulting report, Algolia implementations average a 382% return on investment.

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NU Logic Solution Enabler for your SMB or Startup

Algolia’s intelligent search and analytics implementations will provide your development, marketing and sales team with excellent tools for a unique shopping experience.

With them your sales and marketing team will be able to analyze impact and refine experiences in tune with your business objectives.

At NU Logic we excel at integrating the best global technology solutions for the true evolution of digital commerce, we facilitate and implement global class tools within the reach of small & medium businesses.

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