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Engagement services

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Engagement models

We cater to your needs and can properly staff your project with the right team
Break through to the full potential of your digital commerce opportunities and propel your growth to new heights with our team by your side. We’ll help drive scalability and profitability in your projects with just the right amount of support.
Staff Augmentation
Enhance your team with our skilled professionals.
Dedicated Teams
Enjoy flexibility and scalability with tailored teams.
Turnkey Projects
Entrust your projects with us from planning to execution.
Product & Project Management
Benefit from our expert planning and execution.
DevOps Managed Services
Streamline development and operation processes.
24/7 Offshore Monitoring and Support
Ensure round-the-clock availability and performance.

How can our custom engagement services help you?

Properly staff your project with three models:


Ideal for complex, sensitive projects
Work closely with a local team in the same time-zone for easy communication, quick decisions, and quality results.


Ideal for budget-friendly projects
Enjoy the benefits of proximity and cost efficiency. Teams are nearby, making communication and meetings easy.


Ideal for long-term, large-scale projects
Get things done faster with global talent. With time zone differences, work happens day and night.

Need help figuring out which model or blend of models is right for you?
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Let us be your unfair advantage

We can help elevate your commerce journey and transform your online presence.
You’ll have a partner with expertise in digital commerce, web and mobile apps, content tools, cloud technology, and more.
You’ll rest easy knowing we have a proven record of helping leaders across the globe.
You’ll have our continued support of your critical live operations through ongoing, incremental enhancements.

Got a question? Get an answer

Here's some common things we're asked. You might be wondering about these, too.
What are the main types of outsourced development models?

Staff Augmentation refers to selling a resource or resources to a client to fulfill staffing needs. Typically, there is no predefined endpoint, and the arrangement stays adaptable. The resource is managed by the client.

Project Work (also sometimes referenced as SOW-based) means selling a dedicated team to work on a specific project or deliverable with a defined scope, timeline, and budget.

Managed Services refers to the practice of outsourcing the responsibility for supporting, managing, and/or improving a particular set of business processes or functions.

What are the primary outsourced digital commerce
services NULogic provides?

We provide the three models listed in the above question. Additionally, we can offer dedicated nearshore or offshore delivery centers (ODC).

Whether you’re looking for short-term bursts of expertise or long-term collaboration, our models are designed to be flexible and propel you toward your goals. NULogic can help you choose the model that best suits your strategic goals.

What Managed Services does NULogic provide to its clients?

We focus on a few specific, critical functional areas including Cloud DevOps, Quality Assurance, and 24/7 monitoring and support services.

How do nearshore or offshore development centers differ
from traditional outsourcing?

Nearshore development centers are in neighboring or nearby countries, often sharing similar time zones and cultural affinities. Offshore development centers are situated in countries significantly distant from the client’s location. These delivery centers provide a dedicated team exclusively focused on your projects, operating under your direct control and supervision. This setup ensures seamless integration with your company’s culture and strategic goals.

Do you offer 24/7 support and monitoring plans to cover
my mission-critical commerce applications?

Our monitoring and support teams are committed to delivering exceptional service to your customers. We ensure that their commerce experiences are high-performing, reliable, and secure. Our three models of support with flexibility and available add-ons will help address our pain points and give you the peace of mind to focus on growing your business. We can support and monitor one application or your entire commerce tech stack. NULogic can help you choose the model that best suits your strategic goals.

How much less expensive can it be to outsource
development services?

While most companies have in-house engineering resources or teams, they often supplement their efforts with outsourcing services. When assessing costs, it is important not just to focus on salaries versus hourly rates. Overlooked factors, such as recruitment time, missed opportunities, project delays, training, and employee benefits, can collectively amount to an added 30% on top of a base salary. Additionally, when outsourcing you can fill in short term needs and/or augment the team with specific skillsets and experiences. Considering these factors, outsourcing software development may prove to be a more cost-effective choice.

Is it possible to have a staff augmentation statement
of work?

It is possible in some circumstances, but not typical because the models are different. Typically, you would just have a contract (not an SOW) in place for the staff aug since that arrangement is more flexible and on demand.

Can NULogic provide me an entire dedicated team?

Yes. Dedicated teams offer an excellent solution when you require outsourcing for an entire project or a specific segment of your engineering organization. They provide focused expertise and seamless collaboration. NULogic can help you choose the model that best suits your strategic goals.

What type of response time SLA guarantees does NULogic offer?

We do offer SLA's for different levels of support. Email us at contact @nulogic.io, or schedule a chat with us to learn more.

What types of services are included in your DevOps managed program?

Cloud Migration Support, Infrastructure as code, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Integration, Tooling & Organizational Change, Security, Proactive Monitoring, Cost Optimization, and ongoing optimization of operations.

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