Salesforce, one of the undisputed leaders in the field of customer relationship management (CRM) systems, is dedicated to helping businesses efficiently monitor their customer interactions and manage sales data in the competitive e-commerce sector.

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In a digital and global environment that continues to advance, companies are facing increasing pressure to stand out. The competitive dynamics are no longer based solely on the quality of the product or service being offered, but now equal weight is given to excellence in customer relations. It is in this context where CRM software, like Salesforce, have come to the fore.

These systems have become indispensable due to their ability to adapt nimbly to a world in constant technological evolution. Salesforce is not only at the forefront of this change but is redefining the way companies interact and connect with their customers.

This growth is highlighted in a study by Fortune Business Insights where the CRM software market is projected to grow from USD 71.6 billion in 2023 to USD 157.53 billion in 2030, with a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 12% during this period. Salesforce being one of the leaders, offering better accessibility and competitive advantages.

Let’s take a look at how implementing Salesforce software can directly impact an organization’s bottom line.


What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a CRM platform that offers Software as a Service (SaaS) available for small, medium and large companies oriented to enhance their customer relationships. Relationships that, when managed correctly from the different points of contact between customer and organization, will directly impact sales.

Salesforce, founded in 1999, is a company that was originally created to enhance the sales cycle of companies, transforming sales processes into more productive and effective processes, based on the quality of relationships between companies and their customers.

Pursuing this goal of improving the quality of customer relationships, Salesforce Customer 360 centralizes the management of customers from different areas of companies in one place through a cloud platform built on Hyperforce, which guarantees access to all employees regardless of their location, through a subscription-based business model.

Giving a 360-degree view of the customer and their interactions with the company for each of the collaborators in the different areas.

Even in a publication made by Statista for 2021 Salesforce obtained a global CRM market share of 24%, being one of the main leaders.

What does Salesforce offer to its eCommerce customers?

Companies have pillars of information for each department, which isolates the knowledge of each point of contact with the customer. This creates a barrier to a successful customer experience throughout the sales process.

The Salesforce platform offers a means to centralize information from sales, marketing, e-commerce, customer service, IT, among others. Focusing corporate management on the customer, and empowering a customer-centric culture.

Additionally, Salesforce is constantly evolving, acquiring and developing technologies that allow its clients to continue strengthening their relationships with their customers. Incorporating the advantages of artificial intelligence to its services, and integrating with other applications such as social networks, to support customer management, and offer an immediate view of the results. Thus, organizations are able to modify strategies in a timely manner and even detect new opportunities.

Marketing Cloud

The unification of customer touch points in a single place offered by Salesforce’s Marketing Cloud provides an overview of the data generated. This makes it possible to detect trends, segment customers, establish personalized customer service strategies, design campaigns targeted to the right audience, among many other advantages that immediate and centralized access to information can offer teams.

Additionally, Salesforce has incorporated Einstein GPT (Artificial Intelligence) capable of generating personalized content that reinforces the connection with customers.

Sales Cloud

The ability to access customer information from anywhere, reliably and securely, thanks to Salesforce cloud services, gives sales teams the information they need to manage their customers in a timely manner. Supporting their management, and offering a real-time view of their portfolio, along with recommendations that accelerate their management and response times.

Commerce Cloud

Enabling e-commerce for either B2C (Business to customers) or B2B (Business to business) business models, through Commerce Cloud, Salesforce provides its customers with online sales tools that facilitate and personalize the customer’s shopping experience.

This, while allowing organizations to access valuable information on the user’s buying journey, no matter where it starts and where it ends, as it integrates the different channels of the buying process

Service Cloud

Each customer has their own service preferences and their own definition of quality of service. Therefore, by centralizing the points of contact between companies and their customers in one place, employees are better informed about who their customer is and what their preferences are.

Einstein GPT also supports service management by providing immediate responses to customers, and recommendations based on individual customer information.

The integration of these Salesforce solutions enhances the capabilities of different areas of the organization, including IT, by transforming the quality of service that IT can provide internally and externally to organizations, and reinforcing the advantages that AI and Machine Learning offer in the IT customer experience.

Benefits of Salesforce CRM

Considering that Salesforce‘s mission is focused on building a bridge between companies and their customers. There are numerous advantages that companies acquire by using their solutions, even in a publication of Salesforce denotes how for the tenth consecutive year International Data Corporation (IDC) has ranked it as the No. 1 CRM provider.

Among the advantages we can mention:

  • Improve customer relationships. By increasing the visibility of information associated with each customer, you can offer timely and personalized service.
  • Increase sales and profits. By increasing the quality of customer relationships, providing employees with automated tools and real-time information. Increases the ability to close sales and reach potential customers, which translates into increased sales.
  • Improve efficiency and productivity. The immediacy of information and the automation of sales, marketing and e-commerce processes, together with the integration of information silos in each area, generate informed teams, capable of generating timely responses in a more agile manner.
  • Better decision making. The elimination of information silos in each area, and the advantages of AI offered by Salesforce, allow teams to make informed and efficient decisions.
  • Cost reduction. The advantages of automating processes and centralizing information, guarantees a decrease in the time required to perform routine tasks.

NULogic as an Enabling Partner for Salesforce eCommerce Solutions

Salesforce is a company that offers multiple solutions in one place, and since its inception has emphasized the importance of the connection between organizations and their customers. For this reason, it has maintained its leadership in the global CRM market, and companies such as Paypal, IBM, L’Oreal, Mashing, Canva, among others have relied on Salesforce to boost and optimize their relationships with employees and customers.

We hope that this brief introduction to the benefits that Salesforce solutions offer to build quality relationships with your customers will give you a vision of the advantages that these solutions can offer your company, regardless of its size.

At NULogic we are enablers of these technologies Worldwide to drive the digital transformation that companies require in order to maintain their levels of competitiveness and guarantee the quality of service they provide to their increasingly demanding customers.

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